This is kinda shocking… Tim McGraw has released a statement bashing Curb for the release of his new hits collection. He says since he’s only released one CD since the last one, he can’t understand why the label would release something like this rather than the new material he’s been working on. Especially since it was done without his input/consent.

Wake up, Tim. Curb’s just that kind of label. Remember LeAnn Rimes complaining about I Need You a few years back, saying it was full of unfinished/unapproved material and asking fans not to buy it? It’s just the way they roll. Still- good on you for calling them on it.

So what do you think? Check out my poll to cast your vote. Also, feel free to give more detailed opinions in the comments section. I now leave you with a Youtube video of his current single, “Let it Go”. If you like it, don’t forget to call in/e-mail requests to the different stations out there. Take care and see y’all next time!