I found a video of them performing “All We’d Ever Need” on youtube and I just had to share. Call it my “video of the week” (yeah, I know… I’ve been bad about posting regularly lately. I’m working on it!)

I just bought their CD the other day at Target and that was one of my favorite tracks. Now, I’m a fan of belting, I admit it. Still, one of the things I enjoy about the song is that, while it would definitely be a good one for some vocal gymnastics, they don’t go there. Instead, they sing it straight and I think it adds to the emotion in the song. Check it out and let me know what you think. After listening to the CD, I can definitely see why they were hyped up. More on that another time. Also, check the blog again tomorrow, because I have a preview of a new single by the band Austin Law you’ll like. Also, I’ll have some info about them for those who haven’t heard of em yet. Til then, take care and stay safe.