I have been trying to get back into a creative writing frame of mind lately, which has been difficult. Finally, I found a bunch of writing prompts and decided to take a 100 word challenge. The challenge was to convey “frightened” in 100 words. Combining that with a futuristic theme that was given in a writing club I go to here and there gave me this… Enjoy!

The spaceship’s commander had been preparing for this moment for years now. It all started when base camp detected a transmission from a nearby planet and the powers that be decided an exploration mission was in order. A crew was quickly assembled to study the planet from afar before traveling there. Years of study of the planet had given them an idea of the terrain, but the life forms inhabiting the planet still remained a mystery to them. The commander took a deep breath, exchanging a look with his crew as his shaking hand opened a door to the unknown.

I am planning to expand this into a full 10-page short story. It will be included along with several others I have into a book called Duets. Opinions are more than welcome and if you decide to take the challenge yourself, please feel free to share it here in the comments. I would love to read it.