Now that I have introduced you to Heather, let’s take a look at her book…

Orphaned as a young girl, Alina Leone has spent the last few years in dusty Arizona, being raised by her guardian, Peter, and wishing for a friendship that isn’t filled with lies and deception about exactly what she really is. Just before she can begin senior year she meets someone from her past – a talking wolf from another galaxy who won’t stop calling her ‘Empress’ – and in a single moment, her future is changed forever. She becomes a fugitive, on the run from the Shadows, the same monsters who killed her parents, and flees to the safety of the planet Bardawulf for refuge. But not everyone in this magically protected fortress is what they seem.

Well, now you know what Heather has to say about the book. So what do I say? I say she did an excellent job in describing the story to her readers, first off, without giving away too much. With this book, you get an easy, entertaining read for those days when you just wanna relax and get lost in a story. I also felt that she made the characters pretty relatable and believable… especially Alina as the rebellious teenager wanting to have more freedom. Definitely a recommended read. Check below to see where you can get your own copy of the book…

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