Well, what many people thought would happen has- Amy Winehouse died yesterday No one has officially said what happened, but most think it had something to do with her long public struggle with addicition. I’m surprised how sad I am by this as I didn’t follow her much. I did, however, enjoy some of the songs she’d released off Back to Black.

I had to take a day before posting about it to get clear what I wanted to say about her and about celebrity in general. First of all, I think it’s absolutely horrible that she was criticized early on for being “fat”. I wish I could look like she did in this clip:

I think comments like that show we, as a society, are very obsessed with this ridiculous image of women that gets shown in hollywood today. We need to understand that not everyone is going to be a size zero and that’s ok. Some people, in fact, look horrible as one.

Look at Lindsay Lohan and how far she’s fallen physically while most likely trying to obtain that skinny blonde look that’s so popular now (not to mention the drugs, drink and other stuff). As you’ll see in my video blog a little later, Adele is also getting criticisms like that as well and has been for awhile. I think it’s time to start showing a little compassion and judge people’s wrong actions…. not what they look like. We also need to stop giving celebrities free passes for bad behaviour and more labels/studios need to take a harder stance. I applaud Amy’s label/management for immediately cancelling her future shows after that last disasterous performance and saying she would be able to take as much time as needed to get better. It wasn’t the first time that happened, either. You can’t force an addict into sobriety, but you can support them and not be more focused on cashing in on their scandals.

I’m actually sad I didn’t get to hear some of her earlier music sooner than this- it’s really great and she sounded so good. What are your favorite Amy Winehouse songs? Comment back and let me know…