Came across a great article about Martika (on twitter as MartikaTunes) and had to post for everyone. She was not only one of my favorite cast members of Kids, Inc., but one of my favorite pop stars as well. I think my favorite quote from the article is when she says that “If success doesn’t overwhelm you, you don’t appreciate it”. Check her in action as Gloria… (and yes, that is little Fergie performing with her).

This got me thinking of all the stars that got thier start on Kids, Inc. The late 80s/90s MMC gets most of the attention when people talk about producing talent, but I think this show was even more productive. MMC has Britney, Christina, Justin, JC, Keri and Ryan Gosling. Now check out the Kids, Inc. list…

1) Martika- Her hit “Toy Soldiers” made her debut sell great and her follow up CD had a hit in “Love… Thy Will be Done”.

2) Stacy “Fergie” Ferguson- She’s not only a great solo artist and member of the Black Eyed Peas, she also had the group Wild Orchid with co-star Renee Sandstron. Speaking of…

3) Renee Sands(trom)- A member of Wild Orchid, she’s also done a lot of singing for Disney projects including Camp Rock.

4) Jennifer Love Hewitt- She came on the show a few seasons in and ended up starring in several movies and tv shows. She’s currently working on a Lifetime TV project.

5) Rahsaan Patterson- He’s recording several well reviewed R&B cds and worked with Martika on her first two records.

6) Eric Balfour- He went on to parts in shows like 24, Six Feet Under and Haven.

7) Anastasia Horne- She appeared in MTV’s Undressed as well as the soap Port Charles. She’s also done work on Broadway since the show.

8) Mario Lopez- Mario wasn’t a member of the band, but he was a regular dancer and sat behind the drum kit many times. Besides Saved by the Bell and TV movie roles, he has also been working as host of the TV show Extra.

9) Shanice- Another former dancer on the show, she went on to be a pop star.

10) Haylie Johnson- a cast member in the later years of the show, Haylie went on to a run on Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman.

So how many of you out there watched both? What was your favorite one? Comment back and let me know…