Yes, the boot has announced that Carrie has been listed as one of the most dangerous celebrities by an anti-virus company. They say don’t worry too much, though. Her position on the list isn’t that high. The article does fill you in on what celebrities you might wanna watch out for, though. It also shares some of Carrie’s thoughts on social networking and technology.
Found something else while browsing TheBoot. It’s a listing of the 8 worst lyric flubs. They include Will.I.Am checking his cell for his own lyrics and several mess ups on “The Star Spangled Banner”. Apparently, the Anthem is pretty tricky stuff….
I’m really surprised at their choice for Jessica Simpson, considering the “9 to 5” performance that got so much attention, but I guess they didn’t wanna go for the obvious choice. Kudos to that! Of all the flubs listed here, though, this is my personal favorite….

The randomness of those ad libs (his and the girl who flubbed it after him) is great. They kept going and that’s what counts right? So what do you think of these? Are there other flubs out there you would have picked instead? Comment back and let me know! Til next time.