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After a bit of an absence, there was a new episode of Desperate Housewives last night. As I promised, here are some lessons I’ve learned from the Housewives this week:

  • Bree is a creepy drunk. I learned this while watching her out on the town, trying to drown her sorrows after becoming estranged from the others. She ends up seeing three women who are having a girl’s night and basically invites herself to join them. She proceeds to completely freak them out, especially when she keeps calling one of them Lynette.
  • Bringing Lynette’s separation/divorce up is a slapping offense. Lynette and the other ladies are each getting brought in by Bree’s ex to answer a few questions in his unofficial investigation. When she suggests Lynette and Tom’s issues are stemming from a guilty conscience, she smacks him in the face.
  • Susan clearly loses every poker game. She was probably one of the worst ones when the ladies were getting interviewed. She was so clearly nervous and guilty feeling I’m surprised he didn’t lock her up right then and there. Susan later suggests leaving town to Mike, who says that’s a very bad idea. She’s considering it anyway since she got a nice pay-day from the art exhibit and was offered a job in New York.
  • Gabby’s looks can apparently inspire a person to sobriety. I learned this when Gabby snuck into the rehab center Carlos is in to let him know what story she’s told the investigator in case he calls to ask. Gabby ends up being forced to stay with the group she snuck in with and pretends to be a new patient’s secret girlfriend. She is so convincing that the guy says if he can’t remember having a girlfriend that hot he must need help bad.
  • Lynette has a really big mouth. I learned this when she tries to stop Tom from going to Paris with his new girlfriend. She knows they are thisclose to being caught and someone is going to have to be around to watch after the kids. To convince Tom to stay, she blurts the whole story out in an airport bathroom. Tom agrees to stick around for the kids but won’t tell why. You can imagine how well that sits with the new girlfriend.

In other Housewives news, Bree’s ex get’s run over by a mystery driver, Carlos checks himself out of rehab and Renee is not happy to see her new guy looking so cozy with Bree. The major thing is the end of the episode: Bree checks herself into a hotel with a bottle of booze and a gun where she sees Mary Alice sitting across from her. They talk about how things have gone so bad and now I am wondering if Bree is going to make it through this season. So what did you all think of last night’s episode? Comment below and let’s chat about it. Til next time! For anyone who missed it, here is another promo for you from the episode to get a little taste: