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Hi, everyone! I know this is a late post, but Alexz apparently had a problem with the upload to youtube and I got caught up in decorating for Christmas. Anyway.. before I get to my thoughts, let’s enjoy the video 🙂

I really love this song, first of all. I think that the lyrics are really vintage Alexz and I love the emotion that she packs into every note. The video, to me, is a perfect representation of the song. She really gets into the story of the song and looks so hurt and angry in some parts you would swear she’s feeling those emotions right then. Overall, a great job and I am really excited for the EP and her new album even more now. What do you all think? Did you love the video? Did it leave you wanting something more? Comment back and let’s chat about it. See y’all tomorrow as I continue to take blogher’s “NaBloPoMo” challenge this month!