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Figured I would do a little something different today and talk games. I have a few favorites and The Sims is one of them. Mostly, I really like getting to design a home and decorate it- I’m a real geek with that and I will have to update this post with a pic of my Sim home later. Anyway… when I saw that The Sims had its own Facebook version, I had to check it out. Here is the house I made in it:

So, how does this game compare to the computer original? Well, for someone who likes a game that will challenge you, the Facebook version is probably more your thing. It’s a little more difficult because of the fact you have to rely on FB friends to help you  with the goals. Plus, a lot of the furniture does not come as a usable item. You have to build it first using things you collect while playing the game as well as with help from fellow gamers.

Another difference between the two is the fact you don’t have a job in this game. You earn simoleons by tending some crops, writing, playing guitar and other actions. You also earn them by helping friends with their requests and fixing things around their homes.

The Sims Social has three different things you can use to get stuff: Simoleons, Sim Cash and Social Points. Sim Cash is something you can get by leveling sometimes or purchasing it with actual money. Social points are earned by visiting neighbors and interacting with them. You also can get those through completing different goals.

I enjoy it, but for someone like me who enjoys the design portion more, I recommend the original. You can build as many rooms as you like on a house without needing a friend to help you build it or going through goals to expand your land. You also have more options as far as decorations go since the nicer stuff in Sims Social costs Sim Cash. I also like how you can adopt or buy pets in the original version as well as travel to stores and vacation spots. The Sims Social doesn’t have that. Another disadvantage is it’s harder to earn skills because you only have so much energy each time you log in and you have to visit neighbors or wait until later to earn any more.

What do you think? Do you play either one or both? What’s your favorite game? Comment back and let’s talk about it.