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Happy to see y’all back here and glad to see I survived yet another NaBloPoMo! Still on the fence as to whether I will keep the post-a-day pace up and officially sign up for January, but still got a day or so to decide that. I thought today I would share a few videos. Hope y’all enjoy!

The first is one of my favorite Alexz Johnson songs, “Saving the Train”. Looking at the lyrics it just seems to fitting for a new year. Very spiritual, too:

We were watching a little bit of the New Year’s festivities on TV last night and I thought I would share a few from around the world. The first is (from the description anyway) New Zealand:

This next one is from Hong Kong:

Finally… I give you one from Times Square:

So how was your New Years Eve? Are you making any big plans for 2012? Any plans for today? Comment back and let’s talk about it! I leave you now with a New Year’s staple….