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I thought since it’s a new year, I would start of by taking a look back. I used to run a website that was focused on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and did several reviews of the episodes and movies the stars were in as part of that. Here’s one I did for the Glenn Quinn movie, At Any Cost:

Murder, adultery, and Backstabbing ensue in At Any Cost, A VH1 original movie. The film, which chronicles the fictional band Beyond Gravity’s struggle to get to the top of the charts, is part of the music channel’s “Movies that Rock” Series. Glenn Quinn takes a star turn in the film as the band’s manager, Ben. He may be dressed like Doyle and talk with the classic Doyle accent, but Ben ain’t no Doyle! He’s a ruthless, money-hungry character willing to do anything (and I mean anything) to succeed. It was great to see him in such a different kind of role. It shows what a great actor Quinn is for him to take such a departure from his previous roles as Mark on Rosanne and Doyle on Angel. During the course of this movie he takes his character on a journey to the dark side of the soul. He starts off innocently enough by pretending a major label is interested in Beyond Gravity to get a smaller label to sign them, but by the end of the film he goes way farther in his quest to get to the top, including selling out the band he used to be friends with in an insider trading scam worth 20 million dollars. The band is plagued with other problems along the road to stardom: the lead singer’s wife quits to take care of their child, and the couple almost falls apart completely when he has an affair. His brother dies of a heroin overdose (which Ben was involved in..) and Ben neglects the band in favor of another group he’s using to get his own record label. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, and have VH1 be sure to catch it during one of the repeat airings during the week: it’s defitely worth your time.

Looking back now, I can’t help but feel sad about this movie and the plot line. Glenn Quinn was such a great talent and it was sad to see him meet a similar fate to one of the characters in this movie. Hopefully one day VH1 will dust this one off and give it another airing- well, if they can manage to find time between all the “wives” shows they love so much. A brief internet search showed that VH1 actually released a soundtrack for the movie. You can check it out on Amazon. So did you ever see this movie? Sound interesting? Were you a fan of Glenn Quinn? Comment back and let’s chat about it. Til next time!!