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Today, I was browsing the Country Weekly site and found a post asking what people’s favorite covers by a country artist were. Reba, Blake, Sara and Jerrod are among the choices in the poll.

Another choice is Faith Hill’s new single, a cover of One Republic’s “Come Home”. Here’s the video they shared:

I think Faith sounds amazing in this and am glad to see she’s coming back. I must have heard the original at some point cause it sounded familiar, I just didn’t remember who did it so I did some searching and found the original…

This is a really tough choice picking between these two for me. I think both artists manage to keep a real vulnerability in their vocals that really moves you and helps you connect better to the words. I think the only thing really giving the one republic version I found an edge is the music. I think their musical arrangement is a much better fit because it doesn’t have the electric guitar. I’m not opposed to electric guitar in a ballad, I just think that it doesn’t quite fit this song.

So what do you all think? Who did it better? What about the other covers on their list? Comment back and let’s talk about it… see ya next time!