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Today was a bit of a busy day so I am posting a bit late. Sorry about that! One of my New Year’s goals will be to get posting a bit earlier in the day more regularly! I haven’t officially singed up to participate in NaBloPoMo for January, either, but I plan to keep posting daily. Hopefully it works out without that to push me.

So, today I wanted to talk about a few of my favorite songs from The Band Perry. Let’s start off with a live performance of an album track called “Independence”:

This is mid-tempo track about leaving home and making a new start on your own. I like how the narrator doesn’t write off the small town and doesn’t blindly love it either. “Dying in this zip code” like her friends may just be right for her but she knows she’s got to explore a bit before she can know for sure what’s right.

Another great track from the album is “Postcards from Paris”. This mid-tempo track talks about how she was “ruined” when a guy came along and caught her eye while with her boyfriend. She now wants the new guy and can’t get her mind off him.

Finally, of the (so far) album tracks, I really liked “Lasso”. It’s a ballad about loving someone who is “everything I’m not” and wanting to try to win them over.

Of the singles that have been released so far I like “You Lie” and “If I Die Young” the best. The former is a haunting ballad musing about “the sharp knife of a short life” and how people’s thoughts and works are much more valuable after their gone. The latter is a sassy song that reminds me of Taylor’s “Picture to Burn”. It’s about a guy who is a little too good at lying that she’s cutting loose.

Overall, I love this CD. Most of the songs are mid-tempo or slow and have some really interesting lyrics. Kimberly may not have powerhouse Carrie or Martina vocals but she sounds good and  sells every word she sings. This is a must-add to any country fan’s collection.