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Thought that I would stop in and update you on a couple of things I mentioned before. The first story is about the IMDB actress. As you may remember, I shared a story about a woman who decided to sue IMDB for revealing her age. She argued they had obtained her birthdate by using her credit card information and posted it without her ok, causing her to lose out on acting gigs. The Jane Doe has now been identified after a court ruled she couldn’t file the suit anonymously. Hopefully, this will bring more attention to the issue of age in Hollywood.

You may also remember that I mentioned Taylor Swift was up for the role of Eponine in a movie version of Les Miserables. Well it looks as though she has been offered the role.  Congrats to her if this is, in fact, true! I hope she pulls a Madonna and works with a vocal coach before filming/recording begins.

So what do you think? Was IMDB right to post the actresses birthdate or should they lose the case? Do you agree with the casting of Taylor Swift or is there someone else you would have rather seen in the part? Comment back and let’s chat about it! Before I go, I wanted to share an interview with Dolly Parton I found. She is one of my favorites and I loved how open she was in this. I leave you now with my one of my favorite Dolly videos: