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All the housewives fans out there know that this is the last season of the show. What some fans may not realize is that Marc Cherry has apparently had the ending in his mind all along. Check out this yahoo article where he explains more and tells why the hair and makeup people may be pulling their own hair out…

Speaking of Housewives, here are some lessons I learned during the last episode.

1) Gabby is a spaz. OK, I already knew that but this episode just re-enforced that. For anyone who hasn’t seen it, she decided to go on a very awkward fishing expedition at the police station. She had no idea where Carlos was and was afraid he may have been involved in an accident that killed the detective who has been investigating them.

2) Renee may be shallow, but she’s also a good friend. I learned this from watching her take charge after walking in on Bree planning to kill herself. She has taken up residence in Bree’s house and refuses to leave until she is sure Bree’s alright. In the meantime, she has gotten rid of everything Bree could possibly use to do the dirty deed.

3) Pizza is good for marriage counseling. This lesson came from Tom and Lynette. After Lynette confessed all, Tom came back to take care of the kids in the event Lynette is busted. They have a dinner of take out pizza, which causes a bit of an argument later on. Seems Lynette isn’t happy that she’s had to try to get Tom  understand for over 20 years that she doesn’t like a certain type of Pizza. This leads to a nice scene where they come to some understandings. Whether they’ll actually work it out or not remains to be seen.

4) Manning-Up is not just for men. This lesson came from Mike and Susan. He gets tired of her depressed and guilty shtick and tells her to “man up”.

5) Bree has crappy taste in Shower Curtains. I learned this when Bree questioned why Renee would get rid of it while doing away with anything that can be used to commit suicide. Renee explains she just thought it was ugly.

I leave you with a scene from last week between Tom, Lynette and Bob- Enjoy and see you next time!!