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Hey, everyone! I will be burning some midnight oil to finish up my next 52 Weeks book. For now, let’s talk about some of the stuff going on this week.

I found this article on the AOL Music blog about Jennifer Hudson and her shock over seeing her debut album’s cover image. Can’t say I’m surprised by this, but good for her for speaking out. I love her comment on her appearance. Yes, we do all have eyes and we can tell when celebs are ‘shopped. Who are they trying to fool?

Very cool story here (also from the AOL blog) about Kelly Clarkson’s New Year’s miracle. I’m a huge animal lover who had a dog go missing as a kid and I was ready to cry along with her as she detailed the freak out she had after learning her pup had gone missing. Happy to see this story had a much better ending than it could have.

A little update for you on Trace Adkins, courtesy of The Boot about an upcoming DVD release of his movie Wyatt Earp’s Revenge. Looks pretty interesting. May have to check it out…

Finally…. from the “can you believe this” files: Blue Ivy a record breaker? Not sure what I think about this one. Considering what they have apparently been through in the past, I can see them getting extra excited about her arrival and I wish them well. Still… this seems a bit attention-grabby and I feel like records should be earned. How can you earn a record that was only achieved by your parents doing something you are not even aware of?

Finally, in honor of Martika releasing her new single “Flow With the Go”, I wanted to share this favorite from back in the day: (keep checking amazon and itunes for the single- it’s taking some sites awhile to actually load it)

So what do you all think about these stories? Anything else happen this week that caught your eye? Comment back and let me know.