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It’s been a busy day today and tomorrow looks pretty busy too. At the moment, I’m sitting here with CP watching the Rangers play The Maple Leafs and enjoying some fun tunes to relax. Here’s a few favorites that get me moving or bring back memories…

Jessie J, “Domino”

I can’t help but like this one…. it just makes me smile. It’s the kind of peppy pop that I used to really love and I think she’s got a great voice. The little vocal run she does at the end of that first line is perfection.

JoJo, “Disaster”

Another great pop song with a great voice behind it. She’s also getting some attention for the covers she’s done in her shows. I gotta say that she does a pretty good job with them.

Belinda Carlisle, “Summer Rain”

An older favorite with a haunting, moody feel to it. I loved this whole album back in the day.

Nick Carter, “Help Me”

I can’t help it- the lyrics make me like this one. There’s been many times over the years where I’ve felt like this…

So what do you all think of these songs? What have you been listening to lately? Got an old favorite you want to share? Comment back and let’s talk about it. See ya next time 🙂