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Hello again 🙂 A new episode of Desperate Housewives aired last night, so you know what that means. It’s time for me to share some of the lessons they’ve taught this week. Let’s start with Gabby…

Gabby’s looks may cure addiction, but they don’t get her very far in a business meeting. I learned this when she tried to take over for Carlos who is still in treatment. She attends a business dinner for him but first asks Lynette to teach her about finance. Lynette doesn’t think she can teach Gabby everything that she needs to know in under a day, but Gabby doesn’t care. She just wants to learn a bunch of buzz words to throw out, figuring that would be enough. She does fine… until her menu with the hidden cheat sheet disappears. This teaches Gabby that it is time to apply herself and learn not to rely totally on her charm and looks. I’m sure in another week or two, she’ll be back to her old self and have to learn it all over again like she has for the past several seasons. She also, by the way, taught me that it is vital to use an accusatory tone when accusing someone after they question why Bree is the one who is getting all the notes.

Repressed people go all out when they finally decide to walk on the wild side. Bree taught me that when Renee convinces her to go out to some dive bar for a girls night out. Bree ends up with some guy who seems nice and ends up back at “his” place skinny dipping. When the actual owner comes back unexpectedly, the date is cut short and I think it’s safe to say that guy will never be asked to house sit again. This doesn’t stop her from going back the next day to try her luck again. When a guy asks if he can buy her a drink she tells him that “you can buy me breakfast”. Wow, Bree… didn’t know you had that in you. Just better watch out for that mysterious stranger watching you.

No one does the double meaning meltdown better than Lynette. I learned this when Lynette tries to do a little home repair with no help from anyone cause she needs to learn how to handle stuff without Tom being there.

Ben’s a Gold Digger. Learned this one when it’s revealed that Ben is having some financial issues that have cause Mike’s paycheck to bounce and some equipment to be repossessed (obviously due to the Alejandro investigation on the job site). His problems cause him to blow Renee off until Mike reveals that Renee got a big fat divorce settlement. All of a sudden, he’s at her door full of apologies. Hope her BS detector isn’t totally out….

Susan is an idiot. Yes, I know- we learn this every week but I just can’t help pointing it out. I learned that fact this week thanks to her trip to see Alejandro’s family. She awkwardly hands a big check to his wife (who Susan has learned is in financial trouble after his disappearance) claiming she wants to buy some “collector’s legos”. Yes, I know. The stupid is strong with this one. The wife, too, for actually believing it. We do manage to learn that his new stepdaughter has likely been getting the Gabby treatment which makes Susan feel better about the whole situation. Great right? Well, leave it to Susan to screw it up. She approaches the daughter later to confirm her suspicion. When it is, she assures the girl that he won’t be coming back. *headdesk* As you probably can guess by now, the mother finds out about this and is starting smell a rat.

So what have you learned this week? Comment back and let’s chat about it! See ya next time. I leave you with a little preview of what’s to come…