I was browsing yahoo news today and saw that Hulu is planning to release its own scripted drama. It looks pretty interesting based on the description. I really like that they are trying something new here and hope that the show lives up to the potential of its premise. It wouldn’t be bad if it also inspired more original programming alternatives. I think that a little competition just may be what the industry needs to stop relying on reality TV and remakes to fill their airtime. For those who haven’t checked it out, it’s a legal website where you can view lots of old shows:

One of the things I loved about FOX and NBC back in the 80s was they took chances and stuck by shows they believed it despite the fact they were getting low ratings. It was that spirit that led to some of their biggest hits. Now, networks are quick to drop a show that isn’t bringing in the ratings overnight and that really gets me.

Do you have a favorite show that was cancelled before its time? Is there a show that almost got killed early on, yet survived you like? What do you think of Hulu’s latest venture? Comment back and let’s talk about it… See ya next time!