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Once again, I’m here to share a few of the lessons I’ve learned by watching the housewives:

Lynette is a lost cause. Maybe. I learned this when she and Renee made a quick stop at Renee’s salon. Renee’s hairdresser started flirting with Lynette and against Renee’s better judgement, they’re set up on a date. The evening turns out to be a total disaster thanks to Lynette’s compulsive need to “help”. I’m talking a five-year plan to improve his business written on a napkin and comments about his planned dinner order. It does seem like she potentially learned a lesson of her own after some of the fallout. Which brings me to my next lesson…

Never mix hair with pleasure. Thanks to the complete disaster that was Lynette’s date, poor Renee ends up looking like something out of a bad 70’s movie. Seems her usual hairdresser is in Renee’s words the only stylist in town who knows how to properly relax a black woman’s hair. No word on whether he forgave Renee or not. Guess we’ll see if she’s still rocking that bandanna next week. I do know that he filled Renee in on what happened cause Renee called her out on the napkin thing and her controlling ways.

Susan is an idiot, but sometimes it works. I learned this after Claudia comes knocking at Susan’s door. She thinks that Susan is messing with her husband and covers the street with flyers about what a home wrecker Susan is. When Gabby finds out about it, she’s furious at first and starts destroying the flyers while chewing Susan out over her trip. Once she finds out about Alejandro’s step-daughter, though, she decides that it’s time to have a talk with the woman. Claudia is understandably angry and doesn’t believe her. Lucky for all of them, her daughter happens to walk in at just the right moment and tells her mother everything Gabby said about him is true. Claudia is horrified, and thanks Gabby for telling her while conveniently choosing to ignore the fact the man was obviously murdered. She even tells Gabby she might want to get rid of the stained carpet.

Bree has finally snapped.. or got replaced with a pod person. I learned this by watching Bree take home yet another strange guy… one who turns out to be married. She’s also been drinking and was asked by the Reverend to stay home instead of participating in a bake sale she’s been running for years. She shows up anyway and makes a total spectacle of herself, something she doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by.. not like Bree at all.

So what’d you learn from the Housewives this week? Comment back and let’s talk about it! In the meantime, let’s see what’s up next week….