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Today’s the day…. Skipping Stone is officially out. Sort of. Alexz has made all the tracks available for streaming in full on her website and you can purchase the EP in digital and physical forms on her kickstarter page. So where does the “sort of” come in? Well, Kickstarter is a site that allows artists to fund creative projects like books, CDs and tours by allowing users to donate funds. The items offered as thank yous (IE- the Skipping Stone EP) are only delivered once all the funds are raised. If the goal amount isn’t reached by the deadline, all money goes back to the users who donated. It’s an all-or-nothing kind of site but seems to be helping a lot of people reach their goals. In two weeks the EP will be made available through amazon and itunes if you don’t want to wait. So what about the songs on the EP?


If you’re already a fan of “Skipping Stone” and most of her other solo material, you’ll definitely enjoy this EP. There is a total of five songs and each has it’s own unique vibe to it. I’ll talk about each song in the order it’s listed on her site:

“Give Me Fire” – A very uptempo track heavy with percussion that makes me smile when I hear it.

“Walking” – A sad track lamenting mistakes that has a melody similar to “You’ve Really Got a Hold on Me”. The simple guitar arrangement highlights her emotional vocals well.

“Pleased to Meet You” – Another percussion-driven track with a slow melody. It reminds me of a couple of the Epic tracks.

“Thief” – Most fans are familiar with this one as she’s performed in stageit shows and her own youtube video:

I like the somewhat peppy sound that mixes with the lyrics about heartbreak and a guy who has pulled her world out from under her. She went ahead and fell for the wrong guy despite warnings he was no good and now she’s paying the price.

Finally, the title track “Skipping Stone”. I posted my thoughts on this and the video before. I have to say that ever since the free download of that song came out, I’ve been wearing it out. I think it’s my favorite track of the whole bunch.

Overall, I think this is an excellent collection and a very intriguing taste of what’s to come when she releases a new album. So what do you think of the songs? Will you be contributing to the kickstarter campaign? Comment back and let’s talk about it. See ya next time….