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Stay TunedStay Tuned by Lauren Clark

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For the fourth week of the 52 Books in 52 Weeks Challenge, I chose this story about a newsroom and TV producer in chaos. Early into the book the newscast is interrupted by diva anchor Alyssa Andrews punching her male co-anchor in a fit of jealousy. Both anchors resign before they can be fired and Producer Melissa Moore is forced to keep the show running smoothly behind the scenes while taking Alyssa’s place in front of the camera.

During all this, Melissa is dealing with personal issues as well. Her mother is slipping further into dementia and her husband is constantly working, leaving them little time together. Their relationship has come to them communicating mostly via post-it notes. With the help of a good friend she sets out make some changes in her life and make herself camera-ready.

As a former journalism major, I couldn’t help being intrigued by the premise of Stay Tuned. I got it shortly after its release and it didn’t disappoint. Even though I was irritated by a couple of the characters (Melissa’s best friend is obsessed with Dr. Phil and quotes him constantly), I was still entertained by the story. I particularly liked the scenes where Melissa is dealing with her mother and their complicated relationship. If you’re looking for a light, fun read with some heart, check this one out.

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