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So, apparently Cher is the latest victim of internet death rumors. Recently Jon Bon Jovi and several others have been getting the same treatment with “RIP” posts all over on twitter. It was only about a year or two ago that I was seeing the same thing about Christina Aguilera on YouTube, too, so I figured it was time to post something on this whole issue.

First off… why? What do they have to gain by doing stuff like this? It’s not funny, not cool and these people should probably be banned from touching a computer again. Besides the pointlessness of starting false stories, it’s just plain disrespectful and morbid. Whether you like the people or not, they do have families and friends who care about them and I don’t think they appreciate seeing rumors like this all over the internet. I think the fact that so many people are willing to start hoaxes like this shows a total lack of empathy and compassion in our society that needs to be fixed.

So what can we do to help? Google is your friend. Before you jump on the ReTweet/Share bandwagon, take a few seconds to look it up on news sites and verify it’s actually true. If you don’t see something with official confirmation on major news sites, just ignore it. The more of us that do, the less likely it is to trend and end up maybe falsely making the mainstream news. The news, of course, could help too by actually verifying stories officially before running with them in a desperate attempt to tell you “first”.

So what do you all think? Do you think there’s an issue with the news media today? Have one of your favorites been the target of a hoax? Comment back and let’s talk about it. For now, I leave you with a Burlesque trailer featuring Cher and Christina: