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Happy Monday, everyone! Yeah, I know. Here’s something that might brighten it up a little, though. I was browsing Country Weekly’s website this morning when I came across an article talking about radio testing a country version of Mr. Know It All. The article links to the song on YouTube. If you haven’t checked their site out yet, do it! They have all kinds of great stuff on there.

Kelly’s vocals are softer and a little more restrained on this version. I actually kind of like it a bit better than the original and it makes me wish she’d put out a country album at some point. As the original article points out, it’s not like she doesn’t have a history in the genre.

I think this is what I like most about Kelly. She’s versatile and loves to experiment with her sound. She can go from the R&B sound of much of her first album to the harder rock edge of My December and back to pure pop like Mr. Know it All while doing classic country covers on tour and collaborating with some of the genre’s best. To me, that is what makes an artist and it’s what makes music fun. I’m a fan of most genres and I don’t think there are limits to great music. So what do you think of this version of it? What style do you think she does best? Comment back and let’s talk about it. I leave you with a live version of one of my favorite Kelly songs, “My Life Would Suck Without You”: