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Don’t get me wrong, I like technology and the internet (even if it doesn’t like me all the time) but I believe in balance. For anything good out there, there is something bad that balances it out. To me, the bad side of our technological advances (besides those awful phone menus) is the total over share we have now. It seems like nothing is private anymore and people are making news out of what’s nothing at all. Case in point: Jordin Sparks.

Ok, promoting yourself through useless personal info isn’t exactly new. Britney and Jessica were marketed largely on their virgin status. The promotion of 50 Cent’s debut was mostly centered on how many times he’d been shot. And let’s not even get into the the reality TV stars who make whole careers based entirely on how much their willing to humiliate themselves on camera. It’s only seemed to get worse in recent years. All that in mind, I can’t say that I’m surprised about the latest addition to the Jordin Sparks/Jason Derulo story. I’m just disappointed.

Yes, personal lives are going to come up from time to time in an interview. These are human beings, not robots. They have lives, loves and problems too. The issue I have is the fact that this stuff seems to be completely drowning out the music/other art. Isn’t that what it’s all supposed to be about?

I guess this is the price we pay for the immediacy of the internet and all the wonderful opportunities it’s given indie artists and writers. It’s all about taking the good with the bad. So what do you think? Do you think there should be less of an emphasis on star’s private lives? Are you hanging onto every headline? Comment back and let’s talk about it! In the meantime… let’s enjoy the music: