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According to this article, Carrie Underwood is releasing her new album this May. Not long ago, she announced that her new single would be a song called “Good Girl” and released artwork for it, featuring a more sleek look than her previous album. If you’re a Carrie fan, you won’t be surprised by the lack of info prior to the single announcement video. She’s good at keeping things under wraps until she’s ready to put it out there herself, which I like about her. Sometimes it’s good to maintain a bit of mystery around a project.

In other Carrie news, tonight Carrie will appear in CMT Crossroads with Steven Tyler. Check your local listings to see exactly what time it will be on in your area. I’m looking forward to seeing Carrie tackle his music; she’s pretty good at handling rock classics. I do, however, think it should be interesting to see how they handle some of Carrie’s hits. Can you picture Tyler belting out “Cowboy Casanova” or “All-American Girl”? Yeah… I thought so.

So are you excited to hear Carrie’s new music? Gonna be tuning in to Crossroads? Comment back and let’s chat about it. See ya next time!