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It’s that time again: the coaches of The Voice have once again set out to pick the best singers and guide them through the competition. As I’ve said before, I love how this show puts the spotlight on the vocals by making the coaches keep their backs turned when listening to the contestants for the first time. So, here are some  of my personal highlights of the first two episodes.

First of…. the coaches are hilarious. I love their interactions with each other and the singers. I think I detect an increased  hostility (in a fun way) towards Adam this year. Being the winner last season, they seem to be putting up the shark fins with him. I personally would love to see almost ANY coach win over him because of the way he played things last year. Javier seemed to be unteachable and I feel like other singers on Adam’s team were better.

As for the new singers, can I just say how much I love Jermaine Paul? Not only did he do an amazing job with an Avril Lavigne song, but he’s a confident and engaging performer. I loved the way he got Christina to kick her own butt for not pressing her button after watching his comments back to the judges. After some back and forth, he decided to go with Blake.


Another really excellent contestant was Angie Johnson. She performed “Heartbreaker” (a personal favorite) and kicked it’s butt! If you haven’t see the episode yet and wonder why she might look familiar, there’s a reason for that. She gained some mainstream media attention as the military singer who covered Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep”. She ended up getting picked by Cee Lo.


Then there was Tony Lucca. If you recognize the name, you should. He’s not only been releasing music independently, but he starred on MMC with Christina. I have to admit that I was waiting all through Christina’s comments for her to make some comment about their connection or to at least say something about him being familiar. Not a word. Tony ended up making his coach selection (Adam) and the chairs began to turn around. Before her chair went all the way back, she visibly gasped and you could see the light bulb appearing over her head. She then ran backstage to apologize and chat with him a moment. He did a great job with a song called “Trouble” and I really hope he sticks around awhile:


Finally, I have to mention a contestant named Gwen Sebastian. She did a pretty good job with one of my favorite Sugarland songs, “Stay”, and earned a spot on Team Blake:

So there you have it: my personal Voice highlights. Did you have any favorites so far? What do you think of the coaches picks? Comment back and let’s talk about it. Til next time…