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As promised, today I’ll be talking about 80’s crushes. I hope you’ll visit the fest page and check out all the other great bloggers who are participating as well. Ok, on with the show….

If I had to pick only one crush in particular from my childhood in the 80s, I have only to think about five little letters: NKOTB. Yes, the New Kids on the Block. These days, I’m more into Joey McIntyre’s music but way back when, my favorite was Jordan Knight. He was the “cute” one of the group and lead singer so he’s a bit of an obvious choice for a favorite but who cares, right? Who couldn’t love that awesome hair and dark eyes? Plus, he didn’t have the “hard” look to him that Danny and Donnie did, nor the plainer features of his brother. As for Joey, well… who wants to crush on some kid about her own age? No, older men were much better because they were less likely to pull the same gross and immature jokes as the boys you went to school with. As an 80s girl, it was my sworn duty to own all of their CDs and plaster my wall with pictures cut out of teen magazines, not to mention their buttons, banners and other merchandise.  Here is the sad proof:

Note the hand made sign and NKOTB hat from one of their concerts. Yes, we were cool.

One of the things that sticks out about that time was dancing around to the videos with my friends and talking about who are favorites were. My inner geek was beyond thrilled when Joey and Jordan were getting ready to make their comebacks.  The weird thing was, over a decade later and I had come to see that my former favorite no longer was. The song was disappointing and the vocals didn’t live up to my childhood perceptions. Growing up is hard, y’all. Seriously though, those were some fun times and the music still brings a smile to my face.

Even though I’m a huge music geek who also had crushes on Jon Bon Jovi and Sebastian Bach back then, not all my crushes were musical. Eventually I moved on to actors like Fred Savage of The Wonder Years, John Stamos from Full House and Kirk Cameron from Growing Pains (yes I am ashamed of that one now). So who were your 80’s favorites? Comment back and let’s take a trip down memory lane.