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To preface this, I want to say that I really enjoyed the Super Bowl Halftime show. Forgetting for the moment that her new song and the performance of it screamed “Micky”, I still enjoyed it. She did great of picking what songs to do for her medley of old hits and I don’t think I’ve seen Madonna look that laid back in ages. She really seemed to be having a great time. My personal highlight was “Like a Prayer”. The staging and light effects were great and having Cee Lo sing during it was genius. My husband is still amazed that Cee Lo was able to overpower the choir with his vocals (which were amazing, by the way). I was all set to declare this a victory by Madonna… and then she had to speak about it. More accurately, she spoke about the controversy surrounding MIA’s part of her show.

First off, who is she kidding in talking about something being irrelevant? Ever since she performed “Me Against the Music” with Britney, she’s been latching on to hip young pop stars every project to help her stay relevant which I feel has put her in a huge slump. What happened to changing and growing with each album? Reinventing yourself and being the trendsetter instead of following trends. I fear that Madonna may be long gone. Secondly, how “mature” was your David Letterman F-Bomb fest when you were in your 30’s? Or the Sex book? Or the obvious attention-getting ploy of the Britney/Xtina VMA kiss? Pot, meet kettle. Madonna has built an entire career on not only evolving with each project, but pulling controversial stunts to get attention.

Am I saying that what MIA did during the performance was right? No. Still, I don’t think Madonna should be throwing stones. I also don’t like how she goes out of her way to put it all on MIA. Reminds me of Justin and Janet and how he essentially threw her under the bus. To this day, I’m sure they had worked that out ahead of time. Like with the MIA incident, Janet and Justin’s “malfunction” happened at just the right line in the song. Makes you wonder.

So what do you all think? Planned? Not planned? Did you like the show? Comment back and let’s talk about it.