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I am very happy to once again be participating in a blogfest. This times, it’s the Origins Blogfest and I hope you’ll follow the link to see what all the other great writers participating in it have to say.

This fest is all about talking about how you got started as a writer/blogger. You may have seen at least some of this information from my website or MySpace page or other social network profiles. For anyone who hasn’t seen these, let me catch you up.

Most of my writing before High School was centered around school assignments like book reports and essays. There is one thing to this day I remember writing back then. It was a poem for school when I was in the third grade called “My Cotton Pickin Cat”. I’m amazed that I still remember it and the response it got. It went something like this: 

I have a cat, her name is Cotton.

She’s white and fluffy and spoiled rotton.

She loves her Crave,

It’s her favorite food.

When we don’t have any, she’s in a bad mood.

She sleeps all day, and plays all night,

But we love our cat so that’s alright.

Yes, that is slightly embarrassing. Still, the rest of the class liked it at the time. Not sure why exactly that stuck with me, but it did. Anyway…. besides a short story for a school project in junior high, I didn’t really write much until I got into the tenth grade.

At the end of my Freshman year, we had to pick a couple of elective classes to work into our schedule. I decide to pick journalism on a whim. Not sure why, although I suspect it may have had something to do with my childhood and teen obsession with the shows Punky Brewster and Clarissa Explains it All. Early into the class, I had to write an article about some memory and I chose to write about my first day in High School and all the fear and excitement involved. It was fun and the teach even considered printing it in the Yearbook. Ultimately, it didn’t go in (you had to finish journalism first and then get on the staff) but it was encouraging and I kept going.

Eventually, I would end up joining the staff and enjoyed it a lot. I got to not only write articles, but interview people, taking a few photos and even helped assemble pages and layout some ads. It was such a great experience that I could think of only one topic I wanted for my senior year internship project: Journalism. I got to intern at the Miami Herald and chose to study journalism post-High School where I would become editor of the College paper, Magazine and worked on the staff on the Literary magazine. What a time that was!

All these things only helped to cement the fact that I love to write so I briefly did some freelance writing work, writing a blog for a major company’s project. After the project folded (combined with a couple of other ones that went the same way) I decided to blog myself and try to build something myself instead of relying on others. So far, I’m so happy with how it’s going and the people I have been able to meet here and through my social networks.

Recently, my husband’s own fiction writing (plus all the great writers talking about NaNoWriMo) led me to try my hand at it. The first book is now in the hands of Beta readers and I’m so excited to see where this goes. So what’s your origin story? Comment back and let’s share! See ya next time with some Grammy talk and thoughts on Desperate Housewives.