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I don’t normally watch the Grammys, mostly because I’m sadly unfamiliar with most of the people who perform there. This year, though, Kelly Clarkson was going to be performing with Jason Aldean, there was going to be a Whitney tribute and Adele would be returning to the stage after her recent vocal issues. How could I miss all that?

LL Cool J was hosting and he did a pretty good job as he opened the show with a prayer. If this man isn’t already making some big bucks as an inspirational speaker, he should be. Besides his opening speech, he kept out of the show’s way for the most part, moving the show along as a host should instead of putting a big old spotlight on himself.

As for the performances…. well, Alicia Keys’ duet on “Sunday Kind of Love” with Bonnie Raitt was a bit painful for me. Christina did that song so much better when she was nine. I’m curious as to what happened, since Alicia is usually a great singer. Bonnie handled her part well, though.

I was flipping between this and Housewives so I missed quite a bit but here are the other performances I saw: Chris Brown, The Beach Boys, Kelly and Jason, Adele. I’ll just skip over Chris Brown’s performance since the less I say about that, the better. I only saw part of the Beach Boys thing, including Foster the People’s version of “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”, one of my favorite Beach Boys songs. They did a great job and stayed true to the original. The Beach Boys got onstage right after to do “Good Vibrations” and brought me back in time to the days when my mom would play the oldies station. Jason and Kelly performed “Don’t You Wanna Stay” and sounded nice together, despite what appeared to be a mic problem near the end. They laughed it off and kept on going. The Whitney tribute turned out to be Jennifer Hudson singing “I Will Always Love You.” She did the song justice and sounded great.

The Highlight of the evening was, by far, Adele. She thanked her doctors in a speech earlier that evening when accepting her first of six awards that night and it was well deserved. As she belted out “Rolling in the Deep”, I was in awe. She sounded far better than even her original recording. Forget a thank you… those doctors better be getting royalties on all her future albums.

So that was the Grammys as I saw it. Here is a great rundown as well that gives much more detail. So what did you think? Did you agree with the awards handed out? Did you have a favorite performance? Comment back and let’s talk about it. See ya tomorrow with Housewives and The Voice talk. I leave you with an ABC News story about the show: