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I’m back and, as promised, today I’ll be talking about the blind auditions on the latest episode of The Voice. The judges were hilarious this week and seem to be getting more and more competitive with every episode. I did notice that Christina appears to be biding her time…. waiting for people to get brought back, perhaps? Also, poor Blake really had to fight for who he got this week, which I don’t get. I thought he was one of the best judges last year and think people should be thrilled to work with him.

The performance of the night for me was Pip doing “House of the Rising Sun”.  What a talent! I was begging for the judges to turn around as soon as the first line came out. I was thrilled to see all four turn around. He sadly went with Team Adam.


Jordis Unga performed the Paul McCartney classic “Maybe I’m Amazed” and did it justice. She has a great rasp to her voice and puts a lot of passion into her performance and managed to get three out of the four coaches to turn around. Blake was the one who finally won her over.


Another great performer was Erin Willet who chose to sing “I Want You Back”. This one ended up being another victory for Blake, as he was the only one who turned around for her.


Finally, I want to talk about Chris Cauley, who sang “Grenade”. I think his voice surpasses the original performer and I like how he slowed it down and made it into a bluesy number. I also loved how he asked the judges to arm wrestle to pick who’d win before finally going with Adam.


So, did you have a favorite? Comment back and let’s talk about it…