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This is going to be a bit of a different post today. Normally, I’d be sharing funny lessons I learned about the extent of Susan’s stupidity or the craziness that is Lynette. Instead, I want to bask in the surprising goodness of the latest episode.

As you may have heard already, this is the last season of Desperate Housewives. Come May, Wysteria Lane is no more and it looks like Marc Cherry has decided to pull out all the stops in these final episodes. Old resentments are brought to light and an old character returns to help Bree out of her mess of a life. If you missed some of the previous episodes, Bree has taken to drinking too much and sleeping around with different men after having attempted to commit suicide. She feels completely abandoned by the rest of the housewives and hopeless. When the ladies find out about her new habits, they try to confront Bree about her behavior. She isn’t having it, pointing out that when she needed them most they abandoned her. During the episode, a man tries to force Bree into his car despite her protests. He’s stopped by none other than Orson. He’s still wheelchair bound, so he’s using a stun gun for self-defense (or Bree defense as the case may be). He tells Bree that he is going to help her through her issues.

Lynette, meanwhile, is dealing with guy issues of her own. For reasons I will not be able to understand, she managed to get Frank from the disaster date to go out with her again. She has a bit of a breakdown over realizing her marriage really is over but he amazingly enough continues to stick around. Who knows? Maybe this guy will actually work out.

Gabby has a major parenting fail in this episode while dealing with Juanita’s first crush. The kid is so into this guy and wants a valentine from him so much that Gabby actually makes one herself. This leads to Juanita trying to kiss the kid and Gabby getting a lecture about sexual harassment from the principal. If Juanita so much as looks at the kid again, she’s out. This means that Gabby has to admit what she did which leads Juanita to call her mother out of lying to her all the time. Gabby isn’t sure what she means. Juanita points out that Gabby has yet to explain to her what’s going on with her dad, as she doesn’t even know where he is at the moment. Gabby explains some of what’s going on and takes Juanita to visit her dad  at the rehab clinic.

Finally… we have another returning character. Julie returns to Wysteria Lane, which Susan knew about. She, in fact, has all kinds of activities planned for the visit. What she didn’t count on was Julie showing up six months pregnant. So much for that trampoline! Susan is shocked, yet happy about the news until she learns that Julie has no intention of raising the baby. She wants to give it up for adoption and wants Susan to meet with the couple so they can learn about Julie’s background. Susan is resistant to the idea but ultimately agrees to the meeting while plotting behind Julie’s back. When Julie gets up in the middle of the dinner meeting to get something, Susan fills their heads with all kinds of horror stories about psych issues, Susan drinking while pregnant and anything else that might turn them off. When Julie finds out she is furious and informs Susan that she doesn’t want to raise a child right now because of the stuff she had to put up with in her own childhood with a single mother.  She points out that she had to keep things together many times when Susan couldn’t. They talk things through later, but Julie is still determined to give up the baby.

This episode was so well done, I was sad to see it end. The acting was perfect, they were bringing issues out into the open that needed to be addressed and it looks like maybe he really will have the characters learn some things. I was most impressed by the fact that they didn’t make Julie back down from what she said. They had a heart to heart and resolved stuff, but she didn’t turn around and beg Susan’s forgiveness and agree to keep the baby just to make Susan happy. So what did you guys think? Comment back and let’s talk about it! For now, I leave you with a peek at what’s to come…