So, I didn’t give any specific lessons last week, but there was one main thing I learned: Go out on top. I think March Cherry is taking that lesson to heart because the past two weeks have been some of the best episodes in quite a while. He’s letting it all hang out and exposing everyone’s dirty laundry. Not a bad way to conclude the show. Here are some other lessons I learned….

Susan just doesn’t get it. No matter how many times she’s told to butt out, she just can’t do it. This week, Susan didn’t just spill Julie’s secret to Lynette. She took things a step further by spying on her and discovering who the father is (Porter Scavo). This lead to Porter deciding he wanted to raise the child and getting a lawyer involved. Now it looks like Julie may not be able to put the kid up for adoption after all and will now be forced to watch it grow, something that she tells Susan she can’t forgive her for. I’m not saying Julie was totally right in not wanting to tell Porter. Still, Susan should not be forcing her hand like that. Julie’s not a kid anymore.

Bree is a Psycho Magnet. Looks like Orson’s time away from Wysteria Lane did little to heal his wounds over Bree’s affair and the end of their relationship. He has been following her for a long time now and saw them in the woods the night they buried Gabby’s stepfather. Now he’s doing everything he can to isolate Bree from the other housewives. He even gets her to agree to move away to Maine with him. Yeah… this is gonna end well.

Lynette can actually be senstuible. She might even be able to put her powers of meddling to good use. When it comes out that Porter is the father of Julie’s baby, Lynette agrees with Julie that adoption will be the best solution. She says that Porter is not ready to take on such a responsibility, especially since he and Preston just moved back home. She gives me the quote of the week when talking about the situation-

Lynette: We got him a dog when he was in fifth grade. You know what happened to it?

Susan: No

Lynette: No one does.

Gabby Will Never Change. No matter how many times she is taught a lesson in caring or humility, she behaves for a short time then goes right back to her old ways. This time, McClusky has kicked her man out and he’s forced to stay with Gabby. Instead of doing her best to get them back together, she sabotages it because he knows how to keep her kids in line. She is determined to keep them apart for the rest of Carlos’ stint in rehab. What she doesn’t know is that Karen’s cancer has returned and the news isn’t great. She needs radical treatment and it doesn’t look good.

So what did you guys learn this week? Anything you’re hoping will happen as the show winds down? Comment below and let’s talk about it. I leave you with a sneak peak of what’s to come…