Hi, everyone!! Late night post tonight because I was spending most of my day buried in a book and at a family party. Just thought I’d pop in tonight to give an update on the Carrie Underwood single and share a couple of article I came across this week. Check back tomorrow for a review of another book in Aubrie Dionne’s series. I will be putting all future 52 Books in 52 Weeks reads on Sundays, but I decided to move this one to Monday since there is no Housewives tonight (and yes, I am experiencing withdrawl. I want new TV episodes, dang it! 🙂 ) My read for the previous week was A Hero Rising:

That all said, remember when I shared the special message from Carrie Underwood  where she gave fans a teaser of her new single? Well, it’s officially out now on Itunes and will be available soon on Amazon. I’d love to get it, but I’m considering just waiting for the full new album. More info to come as soon as the details are released. Carrie, by the way, just opened a twitter account for anyone who hasn’t seen the news yet. The link tells you a little more about it and what her twitter handle is.

In the article about joining Twitter, they mention how Carrie was once reluctant to join because she might get herself in some trouble. Well, she wouldn’t be the first one to do so. While browsing The Boot, I also found an interesting post about 10 of the biggest risk takers. I have to say that while risky, I do think the one about Tim McGraw and LeAnn Rimes battling Curb Records is going to end up being a good risk in the long run. I was cheering when LeAnn denounced the I Need You album and Tim protested the label putting out yet another Hits collection instead of new material.

Finally, Miranda Lambert is making news for more than speaking out against Chris Brown. She is also getting some attention for a cover of a Lady Gaga tune. What do you all think of it? Did she do a good job? Are you looking forward to “Good Girl” and following Carrie Underwood on Twitter? Do you agree with The Boot’s list of risky moves? Comment back and let’s talk about it. Don’t forget to some some comment love their way as well! See ya next time…