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As promised, I wanted to tell you a little bit about the stage it show that Alexz played the other night. The show was broadcast from outside an LA Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf. During the acoustic performance, Alexz would take time between the performances to give thanks to everyone who donated to her kickstarter campaign during the 30 minute set.

She opened up with a great version of “Give Me Fire” that started a little bit shaky to me, but got stronger as the song went on. She performed “Thief” next and I think it’s my favorite version of that song yet. After some thank yous and an intro of the guys playing with her, she sang “Skipping Stone”, which I think has taken the top spot on my list of Alexz songs. I love that chorus and how she sings the bridge near the end. The next song was “Pleased to Meet You”, followed by “Walking”. She took a break in between the two to give some more thank yous and to answer a couple of questions. It was during that part that she told the audience that The Basement Recordings 2 would be out at the end of April and she has a list of the songs, but the full list isn’t getting released yet. I, for one, am excited for that one. Since she performed the entire EP, I was wondering what she’d do finish the show. I was assuming she’d play a song from Voodoo or The Basement Recordings. Instead, she closed out the show with a song called “Mary”. If you haven’t heard it, here’s a version she did at the Drake Hotel:

So there ya have it… a little rundown of the Alexz StageIt show. She is a great live performer- I definitely recommend getting tickets if she’s in your area or doing a stage it again. So did you see it? What’s your favorite of the songs she did? Comment back and let’s talk about it!