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I promised an update when more information was released and here it is. Carrie is known among her fanbase for keeping her album info under wraps until she’s ready for it to come out. Well, the wait is over. Carrie has announced the title of her new album, due May 1st. She also revealed the artwork for the CD in a “piece by piece” style on her twitter page. So what is it going to be called? Click below to find out….

Album Info Reveal (The site also features a pre-order link)

Gotta hand it to Carrie. She always manages to change it up in some way with each release. I have to admit that this isn’t my favorite of her album covers, but she did tie the imagery and title together nicely. I’m curious to hear what the songs are going to sound like… I thought Play On definitely a step up from Carnival Ride and that was a step up from Some Hearts so it should be interesting to see how she’s evolved musically since the last release. What do you think of the new cover/title? Are you currently jamming to “Good Girl”? Comment back and let’s talk about it!

Anyway… in honor of the release of this info, I though I would leave you with a couple of videos. One is a member spotlight by the Grand Ole Opry and the other is my favorite live performance of hers by far. What do you think? See you tomorrow with more of the Doxology tour!