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This week has been a busy one on CultureShock and I am so happy to be participating in some cool tours and getting the chance to guest blog on a couple sites. As soon as the links go live, I’ll share. One should be coming up in just a couple of days. Now that things have calmed down, I’ll like to go ahead and talk Housewives.

The main lesson I learned from this episode was Bree needs a mantervention stat. She’s not doing very well picking them on her own. I mean, she reconciles with Orson only to find out he’s the one who ran down that detective and sending her the mysterious notes. Maybe she should let the ladies set her up on some blind dates; I doubt they can do worse. Of course, Bree may not have to worry about that considering that Orson sent a package to the Police.

Lynette and Susan need intensive therapy (or at least for the men to stop making excuses for them). Lynette is trying not to get sucked into raising Porter’s kid for him while Susan is trying her best to be a main caregiver for MiniJulie. Lynette is trying so hard not to get sucked in that she doesn’t want to let MiniJulie use the kid’s old bassinet. Susan continues to be her clueless self by practically naming the baby and turning Julie’s room into a nursery. I’m sure Julie will love coming home to visit…

Gabby has learned that Karen’s cancer has returned which is really bumming me out. I like her. Anyway, once she learns this, Gabby realizes how selfish she’s been trying to keep Karen and Roy apart. The only problem now is that Karen doesn’t want him to know and is pushing him away to protect him from going through a similar loss twice. Gabby agrees to keep Karen’s secret until she asks Roy about his first wife and learns he is glad he got the chance to say goodbye. So what’d this all teach me? Gabby can actually do the right thing.

Finally, I’ve learned that no good deed goes unpunished. Renee taught me this after paying off Ben’s debt. The loan sharks came back to try and get more money out of her, which Renee refused to do. He responds by trashing Renee’s house while she’s out.

So what’d you all learn? Comment back and let’s talk about it. In the meantime, check out what you’re in for tomorrow night: