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So, I mentioned in the intro to my guest poster yesterday that week one of the battle rounds was an epic fail for me. Pretty much everything I wanted/expected to happen didn’t. I guess I shouldn’t try and play the lotto this week huh? Anyway… before week two begins tonight, I thought I’d share some thoughts and a little recap of all the action. Don’t forget to stop by the official site or check your listings for Bravo reruns if you missed it.

The night started off with a battle between Tony and Chris from Team Adam. They performed a decent version of U2’s “Beautiful Day”. The entire time I was hoping that Tony would get chosen to continue, but was resigned to the idea that he would probably be sent packing. Adam did tell one of the other contestants he’d do everything in his power to make sure they won. Winner: Tony 

Team Blake was next, with Adley and Raelynn being chosen. I loved their meetings with Kelly and Miranda and the song choice (“Free Falling”, Tom Petty). Sadly, I was not too impressed with the performance by Raelynn and felt that Adley was the stronger vocalist by far. It was pointed out by CP that a similar thing happened last season and there is probably a method to Blake’s madness. He’s most likely right, but I was still sorry to see Adley go. Winner: Raelynn.

Monique and Chris from Team Christina were the next pair to battle it out. They were given Celine Dion’s “The Power of Love” and both did a great  job, although I agreed with Jewel when she was giving Monique the edge and her reasoning. He’s a power singer and classically trained, but sometimes that’s a bad thing- sometimes you can be so trained that you lose the emotion and I felt Monique had the most emotion in her performance and her vocals were strong. Winner: Chris

Team Cee Lo was next, with Angie being chosen to go against Cheesa. I absolutely loved the song he chose (“Total Eclipse of the Heart”) and was really looking forward to seeing what those two could do with it. The song ended up highlighting a weakness in Cheesa for me- she can belt it out with the best of them and sounds incredible doing it. Unfortunately, when it’s time to tone it down, her voice is too hard sounding. Winner: Cheesa (Sensing a theme here?)

Blake and Christina got a chance to have one more pair each this past week and Blake chose to pair up Jordis with Brian for a version of Alanis’ “Ironic”. I hate to say it, but this was the one battle that was completely and totally painful for me. I honestly do not know who I would’ve chosen to move forward based on it. I do know that a certain person on Team Blake will need to get their head straight soon because they’re letting their head get in the way. If anyone can help with that, it’s Blake. Winner: Jordis 

Christina finished the night by pairing Jessie with Anthony for a version of “If I Ain’t Got You”. It was a great choice and the two really stepped up to give a great performance. As sad as I am to see one go, I see Xtina’s strategy. She wants a very diverse team and they’re so similar. Winner: Jessie

So what about you? Did you pick the winners or are you smacking yourself like I am? Already know whose team you’re on? Comment and let’s talk about it, then head over to Caron Rider’s blog who was kind enough to host me today! I leave you with a little taste of what to expect tonight as well as a cute video: