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I think that’s the biggest lesson I have learned from this and the previous couple of weeks. It wasn’t enough to make Karen terminally ill. Oh, no. He had to step things up a notch by taking out someone else. If you haven’t seen the episode and don’t want to know, I’d skip this one until you’ve watched. Just saying. 🙂

So let’s take a look at some more lessons before getting into the big story, shall  we?

NEVER eat pie made by a woman bent on suicide. I learned this from Bree and Karen. Karen, having learned the disease is spreading faster than anticipated, has decided she wants to end things on her own terms. Do I agree with that? Not really, but you can understand where she’s coming from. You can also understand Bree’s refusal when Karen asks her to help end it all. Bree puts Karen off so often (Roy already refused to help) that Karen takes matters into her own hands and makes a poison dessert. Bree ends up eating some accidentally and has to be rushed to the hospital by Karen and Roy. During the trip, a bit of an argument ensues that inspires Karen to continue to live. Bree, by the way, reconciles with the other Housewives and fills them in on what happened with Orson.

Lynette just doesn’t get it. Considering the costume debacle and everything else that has happened since the Scavos separated, you’d think that Lynette would be accepting of the fact that it really is over. Especially after she starting dating as well. Instead, when Tom wants to include Jane in Penny’s birthday celebration, she isn’t happy. She really freaks when Jane’s niece arrives as well to capture pictures for a keepsake album that will be one of Penny’s gifts. This leads to an argument between the two women where Jane reveals that Tom has asked her to move in with him, leaving Lynette shocked and hurt.

Carlos needs a reality check. Now, I’m not saying that Carlos wanting to help people and find deeper meaning in life is wrong. Actually, it’s a really good thing and kind of understandable given all he’s dealt with over the years. Still, Gabby’s smack down was well-deserved. He can’t just give the company straight into bankruptcy. His own kids need to eat and have a decent home, too. It’s called balance.

Marc Cherry hates us all. I cam to this conclusion based on the final scene. Susan and Mike have been arguing a bit after Susan found out Mike’s carrying a gun. When she learns about the loan shark situation she is furious. She can’t believe that Mike has potentially put her and their son in danger now but s him after learning the full story. They’re talking a bit on the porch when a car approaches. Mike notices the gun and shoves Susan aside before getting struck in the chest. I can’t believe that he killed off one of the only voices of reason on the lane. Especially during the whole situation with Julie and her pregnancy.

So what’d you all think? Comment below and let’s chat about it. In the meantime, let’s see a little sneak peak of what’s ahead….