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So, if you saw my last post on the voice, you’ll know that I had an epic fail moment last week. I guess there is something to that whole balance in the universe thing, because this week worked out much better for me as far as picking winners. Let’s see how it all went down….

Team Christina started things off with Geoff battling Sera with their version of “Chain of Fools”. An outstanding performance by both, but Ms. Hill could not be denied. Winner: Sera

Next up was Team Blake. He decided to have Lex and Charlotte battle with the song “Pumped up Kicks”. It wasn’t a great moment of the show (I think Blake’s team tends to be weak during the battles. Happened last year too) but I felt that Charlotte was the stronger competitor. Winner: Charlotte.

Team Cee Lo provided me with my only miss of the night. He had Juliet battle Sarah, doing a song called “Stay With Me”. I just couldn’t get into Juliet’s voice in this song. She sounded too rough and she’s limited in what she can sing, while Sarah’s voice strikes me as being much more versatile. Winner: Juliet

Adam picked a favorite song of mine for his team, “No More Drama”. He decided to have Whitney and Kim go up against each other, which seemed like a good choice to me. They’re both great and should do Mary J justice. Sadly, I think Whitney was so caught up in trying to “win” that her performance ended up lacking something. There is such a thing as wanting it too much. Winner: Kim


Team Christina took another turn when Lindsey and Lee battled to “Heart-Shaped Box”. I continue to be surprised by Xtina’s song choices but they work. I loved how this one turned out, especially Lindsey’s part. Winner: Lindsey


Team Cee Lo closed the show with a performance of “I Wanna Know What Love Is”. He chose Jamie and Jamar to battle it out for the right to go to the live rounds and I think (for Jamie, at least) it was a horrible choice.  As good as he was in the blinds, Jamar overpowered him during the performance and was, to me, the only choice. Winner: Jamar.

So what did you think? Be sure to comment below with your picks and stop by the official site to check out more videos if you missed the episode or any others. In case you didn’t hear, The Voice is coming to Australia as well. I found this article on The Boot talking about it with a couple videos:

This promo in particular was pretty interesting to me. Watching it, I couldn’t help but feel that they’re definitely trying to follow a formula for success. The judges there are so similar to the American version, it’s uncanny. What do you think? Any Aussies out there going to tune in?