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Recently, we’ve been watching a bunch of reruns on TV so I figured I’d start a series of posts talking about them. I think there is really only one I could start with (especially since this is the main one we’ve been watching): The Golden Girls.

This show had some of the best actors and writing of any sitcom around. Was it a perfect show? Not at all. I mean, does anyone really know how many kids they have for sure and what their ages are? I didn’t think so. Little details seemed to change here and there as it suited the writers’ story for the week.  Still, the chemistry between the cast was undeniable and they sold pretty much everything that was given to them. Here are my top five Golden Girls moments…

5) Sophia gives Dorothy her earrings. They had more combative moments on this show then I can count, but this was one of their sweet ones. Dorothy and Sophia have been fighting over whether or not Sophia should go to Italy with an old friend and decide to resolve the conflict at a bowling tournament. Dorothy ends up purposefully missing the shot to let Sophia go. After she gets back from her trip, Sophia gives Dorothy the earrings Dorothy wanted should she and Blanche win. Dorothy tries to give them back, but Sophia refuses, telling Dorothy she knows that  that shot was missed on purpose.

4) Dorothy loses it in the hospital. When Blanche’s daughter goes into labor, the Girls gather at the hospital to wait for word on the birth. They end up talking about Rose’s new obsession with ice skating, which leads to this winner from Dorothy-

“It doesn’t matter what your parents want, Rose, you’re never going to make them happy. They’re just going to nag you and nag you until you want to grab their throats and choke them! But you can’t because you’re in a hospital with resuscitating equipment!”

3) Rose fights back. Blanche has accidentally given away Rose’s favorite childhood toy to a girl scout who turns to blackmail when Blanche asks for it back. Rose walks in on them trying to get it back and tells the girls not to worry about it. She gives a nice speech to the little girl about how sometimes things are just meant to be and life isn’t always fair before grabbing the bear from the kid’s arms and pushing her out the door.

2) Mystery Weekend. I picked this one for several moments. One is where Dorothy demonstrates how a right-handed like her would use a knife to slit a throat using Sophia as the “victim”. This leads to Sophia telling everyone there “this isn’t part of the show folks!”. I also have to give special mentions to Rose’s amazement at people knowing she’s from St. Olaf and her using an angry Blanche’s words against her after finding out Rose helped set her up.

1) Little Balls of Sunshine. This, for me, is the Golden Girls moment. A sleep-deprived Blanche has come into the kitchen with the book she’s been working on. She’s convinced that it’s going to be a hit but it’s actually a confusing mess. She sees the egg yolks that Rose has bagged up because they’re unhealthy and calls them “little balls of sunshine in a bag” while ranting about the greatness of her work, how she’ll never sleep again and how she can’t cut off her ear like Van Gough did because she wouldn’t be able to wear earrings. (You’ll find this awesome moment in the 2-parter called “Sick and Tired”. It opens Season 5)

So there you have it- my favorite GG moments 🙂 What are yours? Who was your favorite of the girls? Comment back and let’s talk about it…