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Since I’ve been spending a lot of this week introducing you to “The Day of First Sun”, I figured for her final day of being on tour I’d talk about some of my favorite female characters.

When she says "Don't. Fall. Asleep", pay attention!

I wanna start with with one of my favorite horror series, A Nightmare on Elm Street. Nancy Thompson was first introduced to audiences in Part 1 when she was a high school student dealing with recurring nightmares and the sudden death of several friends. Nancy investigates and discovers the story of Freddy, ultimately facing off with him and defeating the former child killer. Unfortunately, he manages to come back and we see Nancy again in part 3 as a young woman fresh out of college. Inspired by her own real-life nightmare, she studies dreams and uses her education to help a group of new teens experiencing the same nightmares she once did.

I started watching DS9 not long ago thanks to my husband and one of the women has quickly become a favorite character of mine. Major Kira Nerys is a Bajoran who was once held captive by the Cardasians and was part of the resistance movement against the Nazi-like race. After the occupation she ended up working as part of Star Fleet becoming second-in-command on DS9. Her no-nonsense professional attitude is balanced with a sense of humor and a deep spiritual side. Sadly for her, she usually ends up getting interrupted while trying to perform her Bajoran rituals.

The wrong Charmed one died- Just sayin'

I mentioned Prue in my review of First Sun, so how could I not talk about her in a post about favorite female characters? Prue Halliwell was the oldest sister in the Charmed trio, the most powerful witches of all time. She often took the lead when demons attacked, having taken care of her younger sisters most of her life. She was knowledgeable and professional to a fault in her day job before quitting to follow her true dream, being a photographer. She wasn’t just a take-charge girl on top of everything, though. I liked that she had a vulnerable side formed after losing her mother at an early age. She felt the losses she suffered deeply, but ultimately would find a way to keep going.

Shari Cooper was the lead character of book trilogy called Remember Me. She was a teenage girl who wakes up one day to discover she’s dead. As her mental fog lifts, she suddenly realizes her death was not an accident and becomes determined to find her killer. Shari also wants to clear her name, as most are convinced she actually jumped.

Growing up, one of my favorite cartoons was Inspector Gadget. I would watch each episode and then go play like I was actually Gadget’s niece, Penny. If you haven’t seen the show, Gadget was a bumbling inspector whose personal successes in defeating the evil Doctor Claw’s plans were more accident than competence. Penny was at the heart of most of his victories, taking it upon herself to do her own investigations, usually without Gadget even knowing she was there. She never really got credit for her detective work, but the results (and adventure) was enough for her.

I totally coveted her computer book as a kid...

So there ya have it; my favorite female characters. What ones would you put on your list? Comment and let’s chat about it… til next time!