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In honor of Six Sentence Sunday, I thought that I would share a few lines from a short story called Uncle Max’s Gift.

Andrew hated that doll. From the moment he opened up the package, he could tell that there was something not right about it. It felt weird… evil.  As he stared into those creepy, blank eyes, the boy couldn’t help but feel a cold chill run down his spine. No one else seemed to notice, though. He wanted to toss that horrible doll in the garbage right then and there.


Yes, we were dorks. Don't judge.

This story was inspired by an actual doll that I got when I was a kid and absolutely hated! Something about talking and moving dolls was just creepy and this one was one of the freakiest looking dolls I’d ever seen. I remember turning it on once and my TV started messing up, which stopped once the doll was turned off. My friends and I freaked out and hid it in a closet! Really little kids seemed to love it, though, and to this day I can’t figure out why! So, did you have any memorable gifts as a kid? Anything you were irrationally afraid of? Comment and let’s talk about it.