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Well, the battle rounds have drawn to a close and all the coaches now have their final team of six. Not sure what team I support at this point. I love people from each team except for Cee Lo’s. I think he’s really dropped the ball this time but let’s talk about what y’all are here for: the rundown 🙂

Cee Lo started the night off by pairing off James and Wade for a duet of the song “True Colors”. While James ultimately came away with the win, I wasn’t overly impressed with the whole thing and probably would’ve gone with Wade based on past performance as the tie-breaker.

Team Adam’s Nicole and Mathai were the the next to battle, performing “Love Song”. I really do not know what Adam was thinking by picking Mathai to advance to the live rounds and I think that’s all I will say about that. I had to admit I cringed a few times, but especially when Adam flat out told them both he wasn’t happy with the performance.

Moses of Team Xtina sang “Satisfaction” with The Line for the right to fill her final slot.  I think they both did a great job and while I might have gone with The Line (what can I say? I like duos), I think Moses deserved his win and can see why Xtina went with him. His versatility should do well for her later.

Next up was Karla battling Orlando in a version of “Easy” to pick Adam’s last spot. I have to say that I would love to know what some of these contestants are thinking. First, Javier basically refuses to tone it down last year against coach advice, then Erin has a couple of diva moments in rehearsal for her battle and now this? If you haven’t seen the episode yet, you’re probably wondering what I’m talking about (or debating calling the nice men in the white suits). See, “Easy” was not the song they were originally going to sing. That was “Rich Girl” by Hall and Oates. So why didn’t they, you ask? Well, Orlando was not familiar with the song and despite being told to get the song and learn it, he still did not know it come rehearsal time so Adam chose to use a different one. I just can’t wrap my head around that. If I were given an opportunity like this, you better believe I would be listening to that song non-stop to learn every note. I think Adam ended up making the right decision by picking Karla. Not only did she come in prepared initially, she sang the new song better and had Adam surprised with some of the notes she hit. I think she’s got a lot of potential to grow.


Jordan and Naia from Team Blake performed next. They were given the song “I’m Yours”, which kind of made this one easy to call. Despite Naia’s advantage, Blake wasn’t exactly thrilled with what either of them did, eventually settling on her. This was a really rough week for some reason.

Despite all that, the night ended on a pretty good note with Team Cee Lo’s Tony and Justin performing “Faithfully”.  A great performance, but I did a bad job calling this one. I thought Justin was the stronger singer during it, but Tony ended up being the winner.


So what’d y’all think? Do you agree with their picks? Who are you looking forward to seeing in the live rounds? Comment and let’s talk about it! I leave you with this great performance from the UK version thanks to the BBC’s youtube: