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Hello again! It’s been a crazy and busy week around here helping CP Bialois get his book, The Sword and the Flame, ready to be officially released tomorrow! If you want to check it out, feel free to stop by the amazon page– it’ll be free for the 31st and 1st to celebrate 🙂 Between all the work that needed to be done and other commitments, I didn’t get to post about about Housewives yet. I thought I’d go ahead and take this opportunity to talk about what I learned this past week.

Emotional breakdowns can actually clear the head. I learned this from Susan, who spent most of the episode giving in to little MJ’s every whim in a misguided attempt to make him feel better following Mike’s death. Julie tried a few times, but Susan wasn’t listening until a teacher called Susan in to talk about MJ throwing a stapler at her. An argument ensued as Susan desperately tried to get the teacher to excuse any acting out, causing Susan to lash out herself. Seeing the contents of the woman’s desk suddenly on the floor snapped Susan out of it and she decides that things have to change. She ends up letting MJ throw all the jars of jam people have been sending over against the garage wall so he can get all his anger out.

Aging rock stars are NOT acceptable references. I learned that from Gabby’s attempts to join the work force. Since she’s letting Carlos resign from his company, she decides she needs to get out there and help bring in money to maintain their lifestyle. She has delusions of six figure salaries and vacation time until the job recruiter sets her straight: she has no skills outside of modeling and aging rock stars are not going to cut it. She ends up going on a shopping spree to make herself feel better. Luckily for her, the store was so impressed by her shopping skills they basically demand she work for them after Carlos makes her return her purchases.

Teenage daughters are not great marriage counselors. I learned this from Lynette, who devised an elaborate scheme to try and get Tom back. Penny wanted to go to a Taylor Swift concert and Lynette did not. When Tom’s girlfriend offers to take Penny, Lynette decides to use that as an opportunity to get Tom alone. She pretends that the power is out and she needs his help. Once he arrives, she’s got candles all over and has just happened to make a dish that is meaningful to them. Yeah, she’s not very subtle. Somehow, Tom falls for it and the two are soon gushing over old photo albums. It all falls apart when Tom accidently sets his sleeve on fire. She turns on the lights to examine his arm, exposing her plan. He’s obviously furious and leaves. Lynette should give up right then and there, but she decides to talk about what happened with Penny. She quotes some Taylor Swift lyrics and tells Lynette there’s no way Tom doesn’t like the fact she’s fighting for him. Kids.

Bree is a very unlucky person. Her track record with men alone is enough evidence of that, but there was much more this week. First off, Bree finds out that Andrew is apparently in money trouble and ends up getting engaged to an heiress to get out of it. Later, she ends up getting overheard saying incriminating things on the phone by that detective who’s out to get her. The girl just can’t catch a break can she?

So, what’d you think of this episode? Any lessons your learned? Comment back and let’s talk about it. In the meantime, check out what is in store this Sunday…