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So I decided that it would be fun to join the A to Z challenge. I have a few things scheduled already this month, so on those days I will be directing anyone looking for A to Z stuff to my Facebook Page notes. My theme for the challenge will be my childhood from A to Z, centering mostly on pop culture favorites. I’m going to use stuff that was not talked about here for the most part, but I can’t promise some things won’t make a return appearance. Anyway, on the with post! Today’s letter is….

A is for…. Abdul. Paula Abdul, to be exact.  She may not have had the powerhouse voice, but her music was fun and her dancing was something else. Many days were spent making up dance routines to her music, although I couldn’t hope to compare to the awesomeness that was the “Straight Up” or “Cold-Hearted” moves.

So what about you? Did you join the A to Z Challenge? Did you try to imitate the moves to those videos? Comment back and let’s chat….