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In case you haven’t seen my other posts lately, I’m participating in the A to Z blogging challenge this month. The point is to have your post for each day correspond to a different letter of the alphabet. Some people choose a theme for their month of posts and I decided to focus on nostalgia 🙂 If you’re looking for Voice chat, I’ll post something on my FB Page later on today. And now, on with nostalgia! Today’s letter is….

I think a marathon may be in my future...

D is for “Darkwing Duck”. He was the terror that flapped in the night. He was the accident prone crime fighter with an ego the size of Tokyo. He was… what I used to watch every day before school. The show followed Drake Mallard, a suburban adoptive dad with a secret identity. He was egotisical, prone to using showy intros when confronting the bad guys and loving any praise that came his way from the local media. His adopted daughter Gosalyn was a budding crime-fighter ferself, always eager to try and get herself into the action. Assisting Darkwing in his crime fighting adventures was Launchpad McQuack (formerly of “Duck Tales”), a former fan who ends up causing Darkwing a few headaches himself. I loved his flashy style and accident-prone nature. He wasn’t quite the bumbling idiot another old favorite (Inspector Gadget) was but he was fun and way overdue. I mean, come on… you’re telling me Batman and Superman didn’t love the spotlight? Please. You know they must have liked seeing stories about their heroics. Darkwing just had the guts to flaunt it. 🙂

Just sayin'.

So who were some of your favorite fictional crime-fighters? Comment back and let’s talk about it…