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I have something kind of interesting to share later on today about the entertainment industry and copyright, but right now let’s get back to the A to Z Challenge. Today’s letter is….

E is for Electric YouthThis album was the album of my childhood. I would spend hours singing and dancing to the songs. I loved the melodies and the idea that someone not much older than I was actually wrote the whole thing (plus produced much of it and played piano) was inspirational. The title track told us the future belonged to us and we were not to be underestimated. What kid couldn’t get into that? It was such a favorite that it is the only recording that I have in all possible formats:

I also have the MP3s. What can I say? I was in an 80s music kind of mood that day. I’m currently fighting an urge to find a record player so I can listen to this again:

Ok, I showed you mine. Now it’s your turn! What was your favorite album growing up? Comment below and let’s talk about it. See ya tomorrow for some more A to Z posting 🙂 Be sure to visit the link above and check out what others are doing!

I might possibly have had these, too...